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Helpful Home Maintenance: Using a Quickset Digital Deadbolt

Your apartment may have a fancy new digital deadbolt installed. These locks are incredibly handy as you no longer need keys to access your apartment. Mom coming up for the weekend? No need to make her a key copy (or worse yet hide a key somewhere), just give her the code!

For those of you who are new to digital deadbolts there can be a little bit of a learning curve. Here's a link to our quick video guide on how to use the digital deadbolts we typically install:

Having trouble using your digital deadbolt? Check these possible causes:

  1. Ensure the door isn't already unlocked. This happens much more often than you'd imagine!

  2. If you hear a fast beep after entering the code and the locking mechanism doesn't sound like it's trying to turn you probably entered the wrong code. Entering the wrong code 3 times in a row will lock out the deadbolt for a few minutes. You'll have to wait until it unlocks itself to try to enter your code again

  3. Ensure you are entering the code and then pressing the lock button (in exactly that sequence)

  4. If you hear the locking mechanism making noise and trying to move but it doesn't disengage the deadbolt, you may need to pull the door closed more and try entering the code again. If that doesn't work, try pushing on the door a little and enter the code again. Sometimes the deadbolt isn't aligned perfectly with the door and can't engage/disengage. Simply applying a little pressure to the door or pulling on the door a little bit while entering the code will align the deadbolt to the door properly and allow it to open. If this is the case please call us so we can stop by and adjust the deadbolt.

Be sure to check back as we will be updating this article with more helpful information!

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