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Buying Rental Properties

Any realtor can sell you a rental property but at NGB we specialize in them. We pride ourselves in rental property analysis and evaluation. With our extensive background in Property Management we can quickly find value in properties by leveraging insight the average realtor doesn't have. 


Rental Property Management

In 2011 we launched NGB Property Management, and have been managing the day to day operations of rental properties ever since. We've helped our clients stabilize their properties, increase their rent roles and property values, and grow their portfolios. Our experience in Property Management provides us with valuable insight when buying and selling properties. We know the local market inside and out. That knowledge translates to a solid understanding of rental property values, market rents by location, and local area rental market trends. 


The Whole Package

Our team has first-hand knowledge of purchasing, managing, and selling rental properties throughout the Capital District. 

Not only can we help you purchase your next rental property, but we can manage it too!

Call today for a free consultation. Whether you're in the early stages of the process or have already found a property, we can help.

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