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Monthly HOA Management

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Full-Service Management

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Finance Management

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Maintenance Services

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NGB Benefits

Accounting and Financial Services

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  • Collect HOA fees and other charges

  1. Note: All residents will have access to our online system where they can pay their HOA fees, set up recurring payments, view payment history, access HOA shared documentation, view site announcements, and submit work orders.

  • Collect additional/special assessments

  • Deposit all Income in Associations Account(s)

  • Process all invoices approved for payment by the Board

  • Prepare Monthly Income and Expense Statements

  • Prepare Quarterly and Year-end Financial Statements

  • Arrange Preparation of Tax Returns

  • Prepare Annual Operating Budget

  • Follow Adopted Long Range Reserve Plan

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Administrative & Management Services

  • Maintain a Database of Association Members and Voting Owners

  • Attend Board Meetings when Requested

  • Attend Committee Meetings when Requested

  • Maintain all Administrative records including, but not limited to, Meeting Minutes, Contracts, Resident Notifications, and Vendor Information

  • Review Current Rules and Regulations. Provide Recommendations for Revisions to Policy. Ensure all Residents are aware of Rules and Regulations.

  • Notify the Board of any Violations and Provide Recommended Course of Action. Enforce Rules and Regulations, at the Direction of the Board, to ensure all Residents are in Compliance.

  • Prepare and Manage Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual Task Lists for all Services

  • Provide at least three (3) Vendor Bids for Work Exceeding your pre-determined threshold

  • Oversee all Contractors and Vendors Hired

  • Ensure Common Elements of Property are Properly Maintained. Oversee Lawn Care and Snow Removal services

  • Notify all Residents of Impending Maintenance that would Affect them via Email, Mailings, and Resident Site Announcements as directed by the Board

  • Review Current Vendor Contracts with the Board and Address areas where Service Improvements are Needed. If Requested by the Board, Obtain Additional Bids from other Vendors.

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Maintenance and Cleaning Services (where applicable)

  • Maintain daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual task lists specifically outlining work to be completed

  • Complete community inspections to ensure tasks are being completed

  • Work closely with vendors to ensure the infrastructure of the community is being properly maintained to community standards

  • Review service requests with HOA and provides recommendations for priority items to be addressed and resolved

  • Provide HOA with monthly service request reports

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NGB Benefits

  • Local 24/7 support from a team who is intimately familiar with the Capital Region

  • A proven track record of HOA management

  • Customizable management agreements to fit your needs

  • Preferred pricing for in-unit work

  • Experience: We manage Associations all over the capital region. From Saratoga to Delmar and beyond. 

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