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The Purpose Behind the NGB Property Management Name
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Local Expertise

Our experience in the local property management market has shown us a lot. We've seen about all there is to see, and our experience is behind you.

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Personalized Service

We don't treat out clients like just another number. It's important that our property owners understand they will always be able to reach us when needed.

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Happy Clients

Keeping our clients happy and profitable is our utmost priority. By focusing on delivering results and being responsive, we keep our clients satisfied and informed.

At NGB Property Management, your success is our priority

NGB Property Management, established in 2011, was created from an overwhelming need for quality property management. The needs of our clients vary. Some approached us seeking a new management company. They complained of things like poor communication, unresponsiveness, lack of maintenance, improper tenant screening and placement, and unauthorized repairs. Other clients reached out to us because they were relocating and selling their home was not an option. Regardless of the situation, we can manage your property and free you up to focus on your family and career.

Interested in expanding your portfolio? We specialize in rental properties and you can rest assured knowing that any properties we help you purchase are ones we'd manage.  

Proudly Managing

  • Single Family Houses

  • Multi-Unit Properties- 2 units and above

  • Apartment Complexes

  • HOAs

  • Retail and Commercial

  • Townhomes and Condos  

Our Services

Real Estate

Whether adding to your portfolio or downsizing, we can help. Our team's experience in property management will ensure a smooth transition for both you and tenants. Our in-house leasing and maintenance teams provide resources that many other companies cannot. 


Rent Collection

We collect the rent from your tenant(s) and EFT it directly to the account of your choosing every month. Our system allows tenants to pay their rent electronically, if they choose. We also accept payments via credit card. This improves your collectability rate.



We handle the marketing and listing of your vacant apartments. Once a listing has been generated in our system, we offer the ability to push the listing out to nearly 60 websites and mobile apps. NGB also provides prospective tenants with the ability to schedule their own showing with our office at any time of the day. Prospective tenants have the ability to view our listings (in the evening, early morning, any time of day), and schedule their own showing by having the ability to view our showing calendar. This allows us to provide service to prospective tenants even when our office is closed.


Tenant screening

Our company takes great in pride in our tenant screening process. We run background and credit data for our applicants. We also verify income and speak with their references. If you as the owner wish to take part in this process you are welcomed to do so. Our office can provide you with any applicant information you need.


All property showings are handled by our company. One of our professional leasing specialists will provide access to the property for all prospective tenants. All prospective tenants are sent a text/email following their showing. Included is a brief survey. We want the individual to rate the price, apartment, and leasing specialist. This data allows for us to make price changes, etc. We also have the ability to report on our showing data.


Lease and tenant management

Our office handles all matters associated with enforcing the terms of the lease. We are the primary point of contact for all tenant inquiries and issues. Your tenants will no longer need to reach out directly to you.

Unit preparation between tenants

We complete move-in and move-out checklists with all tenants. We provide a list of items to be addressed and corrected between tenants and facilitate the resolution of these issues with you, the owner.


Emergency Response for Break-fixes 

As the primary point of contact for tenants, we immediately respond to emergencies and ensure critical services are restored in a timely manner. We have an in-house maintenance team with 24/7 support and an emergency hotline.


Periodic Property Evaluations

We will periodically re-evaluate your property, including rental rates, and raise them in line with present market averages. Additionally, we will identify risks and provide our recommendations.


Period Property Inspections

We complete periodic inspections of your property and provide you with a report including photos and recommendations. This provides a proactive approach to the management of your property, rather than reactionary.

Monthly Financial and Work Log Reporting

In addition to providing you with monthly financial and work log reporting, we provide you with access to our online system so that you can run real-time reports.

We manage properties all over the Capital District. Call today for a free consultation.

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