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Helpful Home Maintenance: Keeping pests away

No one likes to share their home with insects and rodents. Follow these tips to discourage unwanted housemates.


Mice generally come into your home for three reasons - food, water, and shelter.

Ensure food is not accessible to them. Don't leave open food items on the stove, counter, table, and floor. Keep floors clean and free of anything mice might like to eat. If you have pets be sure their food is not open and exposed to the air. Mice love dog and cat food. If you notice mouse droppings and activity be sure to set up some mouse traps. The sooner you can catch them the less likely one will turn into more.


If you open windows during the warmer weather, ensure you have screens in. Open windows are an easy way for unwanted flies and wasps to enter your home. Keep food items away and never leave open food out on your stove, counters, table, and floors. This is a sure-fire way to attract flies looking for an easy meal. If you have pets be sure to keep their litter boxes and food bowls clean. The cages of smaller animals should be kept clean as well, as unkempt cages will attract flies. Avoid acquiring used furniture from unknown sources! Bedbugs love furniture and folks often get them when they pick up a free couch from Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Bedbugs can be very difficult and expensive to remove. Check your pets for fleas and be sure to treat them with preventative flea and tick products such as Front-line. Consult a Vet for their recommendations. Fleas can also be incredibly difficult to get rid of and make terrible house guests!

We will continue to update this article with more information so be sure to check back periodically.

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