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Top Summer Landscaping Tips

As you’ve probably noticed over the years, the summer season is a troublesome time for your lawn and plants. When pests emerge and the sun beats down, it can be difficult to maintain your property’s beautiful landscaping. Having a nice yard takes work, but don’t give up - it’s well worth it for you and your tenants!

Best Landscaping Tips for Summer

Whether your property is in a rural area or an urban neighborhood, here are the top summer landscaping tips you should know. Following them will help maintain the property and give you a lush lawn all summer!

Keep it Hydrated

When the weather turns sultry, you’re not the only one who needs lots of water to make it through. Watering is vital to keeping your lawn, plants, and shrubs healthy and green. To help conserve water, it’s best to water deeply so you can do it more infrequently.

Providing your landscaping with a good, deep soak will ensure that the roots keep growing and your plants will stay healthier, longer. The best time of the day to water is early morning, so there is protection from the scorching heat in the afternoon.

If you are too busy or are looking to make watering more convenient, consider investing in a sprinkler system. These can be programmed to the ideal settings so your lawn will always be hydrated.

Perform Proper Maintenance

The foundation for perfect landscaping is maintenance. When your plants and trees are overgrown, it not only looks unattractive, but it can also cause hazards if they block sidewalks.

So, you should set a regular schedule for removing overgrown twigs, branches, and debris from your shrubs, plants, and trees. Furthermore, you will need to mow your lawn regularly. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t cut grass blades any shorter than three and a half inches. Leaving it long enough ensures that the roots are longer and more durable.

Invest in Pest Control

Animals, bugs, and other critters can damage your plants and make your landscaping look messy and unhealthy. Be sure to choose pesticides and pest control products that are safe for both people and pets; you don’t want your tenants or their pets to become ill or injured. You can hire a pest control company for regular treatments, or one-time treatments to get pests under control.

Certain plants can also deter animals while adding beauty to your landscaping. Marigolds, for instance, deter mosquito's and even rabbits. Also make sure there isn’t any stagnant water, as mosquito's and other pests will thrive.

Be Sure to Fertilize

The last thing you’ll need for your lawn to beat the summer heat is fertilizer. You’ll need to do a bit of research to see what type of fertilizer you need. The best types differ by season, location, and the overall condition of your landscape.

Visiting a local garden center is a great way to choose the right fertilizer, as the employees should be able to answer any questions you have. After you find the right one for your needs, follow the directions carefully, and make sure to spread the fertilizer evenly. Always be sure to check the forecast first, as excessive heat or rain can counteract your efforts.

Don’t let the summer sun keep you from having a nice lawn and landscaping! Follow our tips above, and your tenants will come home to a lovely yard year-round!

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